I once convinced a friend to pose in nothing but underwear and a Home Depot apron I made myself.

The campaign never panned out, but the photo is still brilliant. If you're looking at this, Lucas, sorry man, I had to.

Photographer: Kristi Mayer


I have also entered a competition called The 48 hr Repack, to redesign and build new packaging for Keurig K-Cups. We only had 48 hours to do so.

Designer: Karine Jouhet

Art Director: Dwight Williams


My friends and I have a Dungeons and Dragons podcast we are working on. It is called Coves and Krakens and is pirate themed. We play each week and attempt to entertain you while we entertain ourselves. It's super nerdy, but also entertaining considering it's all story telling done by us.

The First episode is now up. Click the image below to find us and listen to our adventures.

Logo Designer: Joe Majester